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NEW for 2024 - VECTRONIX VECTOR X - coming SOON - we are TAKING ORDERS NOW - please CALL or EMAIL your order - $500 deposit payable.

Pricing has now been finalized - all prices shown are now the final, correct prices!!


MSR-DMR and MSR-SMR. We recommend opting for a VECTOR X with the MSR-DMR reticle if you plan to frequently use it with the optional Range Enhancers as the MSR-DMR is calibrated for both magnification levels.

Any rangefinding binocular is ultimately judged by its ability to reliably provide accurate distance measurements for challenging, far away targets. Therefore, we have placed great emphasis on maximizing range performance of the VECTOR X during its development.

The VECTOR X is the most advanced range finding binocular on the market. 

The name Vector is an obligation and a promise of excellence. Therefore, the VECTOR X is much more than just another range finding binocular. It features unsurpassed performance, the highest level of usability, and unique features tailored for the most discerning long-range shooters and hunters.

In addition to its formidable optics and powerful rangefinder, the VECTOR X is equipped with Applied Ballistics Elite on-board as standard. With over 800 bullets in its library and no limitations regarding target distance, Applied Ballistics Elite has quickly become the ballistics solver of choice for many elite military units worldwide. With a press of the range button, your VECTOR X displays a precise firing solution for your rifle setup that factors in the environmental conditions measured by its sensor suite or transmitted by a compatible weather meter.

With each range measurement, your VECTOR X measures and calculates extensive additional target information. This information includes the target azimuth, inclination or the precise firing solution calculated by the Applied Ballistics Elite solver integrated in your VECTOR X. However, this wealth of information also presents a challenge. Only if it is well-arranged on the display and in a large enough font size, is the user able to locate the needed information effortlessly.


The optional Range Enhancers increase flexibility and range of use of the VECTOR X tremendously. With the Range Enhancers installed, your VECTOR X becomes a formidable long-range spotting device:

  • 8×42 VECTOR X increases to 11×42
  • 10×42 VECTOR X increases to 14×42
  • 12×42 VECTOR X increases to 17×42


To ensure durability and protection, the Range Enhancers are equipped with a protective rubber armoring. Additionally, they come with a protective soft case for convenient storage and transportation. It’s worth noting that the flip-up lens covers of your VECTOR X can be used with the Range Enhancers as well. This allows for effective protection of the front lenses, guarding them against scratches and other potential damage.


Vectronix's solution to this challenge are the three separate HUD screens of the VECTOR X that display the target information arranged by order of importance. By pressing the left or right button of the D-Pad of your VECTOR X, you can swiftly toggle between the three HUD screens to access the different types of target information. 


Besides the target distance and azimuth, the first HUD screen displays the most important information for shooting related uses cases: elevation and two windage values (depending on wind direction and speed) calculated by Applied Ballistics Elite. Within this HUD screen you can effortlessly adjust the display brightness level using the up and down buttons.


The second HUD screen shows your wind presets (Wind 1 and Wind 2). You can easily adjust the wind speed within this HUD screen with the up and down buttons of the D-Pad. Also displayed on the second HUD screen are the inclination to your measured target and the time of flight of the bullet according to the activated gun profile.


The third HUD screen displays the activated Gun Profile and the remaining energy and velocity of the bullet at the measured target distance.


If you do not use the Applied Ballistics Elite features of your VECTOR X, all target information generated with a measurement is displayed on a single HUD screen. Besides the measured distance it shows the target azimuth, inclination and the equivalent horizontal range (EHR).


  • Range performance of up to 7000 YD / 6400 M
  • Applied Ballistics Elite inside
  • Integrated tripod adaptor
  • 905 nm laser engine
  • Measures azimuth, inclination, temperature, barometric pressure and humidity
  • Etched reticle & HUD screen
  • VECSS mobile app connectivity


  • Field of View (at 1000 m / 1000 yd): 92 m / 276 ft
  • Based Magnification: 12x42
  • Range Enhancer Magnification: 17x42
  • Reticle: MRS - DMR


With its 905 nm, class 1M (class 1 in the EU) laser engine and a narrow beam divergence of only 1.5 x 0.1 MRAD (1.8 x 0.1 MRAD for the 8 x 42 model) it sets new standards in the commercial market segment. If ultimate range performance is what you demand from your rangefinding binoculars, the VECTOR X is the right tool for the job.


Other factors beside the laser class and the beam divergence influence range performance. The measurement algorithms of a rangefinder play a significant role as well. The VECTOR X is equipped with two range modes: Universal Laser Mode (ULM) and Long Range Mode (LRM), each offering distinct benefits based on the specific situation you find yourself in. ULM is for the majority of usage situations no matter the weather conditions or the size of the target. LRM is intended for tripod-mounted use and increases the probability of getting results on extremely distant targets

As situations often change within seconds, we have integrated a shortcut that brings you directly to the menu where you can select the range mode. To activate the shortcut, simply press the up arrow button of the D-Pad for one second.


Mounting your VECTOR X on a tripod will increase the range performance compared to off-hand use, especially with activated Long Range mode. By aligning the thread of the integrated tripod mount of the VECTOR X perpendicular to the range button, we have eliminated unwanted movements of the device when the range button is pressed. This significantly increases the probability of obtaining measurement results on extremely distant targets.

For even greater accuracy, you can take it a step further by utilizing the native mobile app of the VECTOR X to trigger measurements remotely. This feature allows you to initiate measurements without physically touching the rangefinder, thereby minimizing the introduction of any potential movement or instability that could affect its range performance.

By continuously pressing the laser button of your VECTOR X, you activate the scan mode. In scan mode, a new measurement is triggered every 0.25 seconds. This mode is very useful when tracking moving objects.

With the VECTOR X, we strive to deliver the utmost accuracy and reliability when measuring challenging targets. This makes it the rangefinder of choice for the most discerning long-range shooters and long-range hunters. 


Manufacturing the most rugged, reliable and durable electro-optical devices is deeply ingrained in our company’s DNA, stemming from our strong roots in the defense industry. This commitment to quality is immediately evident when you pick up a VECTOR X for the first time.

The housing of the VECTOR X is made from robust yet lightweight magnesium. Its high-quality rubber armoring protects the VECTOR X in case of falls and provides a secure, non-slip grip to prevent them from happening in the first place. The focus wheel and diopter adjustment are made from aluminum, as is the mechanism of the twist-up eyecups that click positively into each of the four click stops.


The IP-67 rating of the VECTOR X means that it is protected against solid ingress and that it can sustain momentary water immersion in depths of 1000 mm for up to 30 minutes maximum.


Being in a situation where you cannot range a target because your rangefinder’s battery has drained is a frustrating scenario we wanted to eliminate. That is why we focused on optimizing the battery life of the VECTOR X during its development.

We took several measures to achieve this goal. Firstly, we designed the VECTOR X with inherently low power consumption. Additionally, we deliberately selected CR123 batteries as its main power source for their longer runtime, which is 1.5 to 2 times that of CR2 batteries. Furthermore, CR123 batteries are widely available.


But that’s not all. The VECTOR X is the first rangefinder on the market that can be powered by 18650 rechargeable batteries. To support this feature, the VECTOR X comes with an optional extended battery cap as part of the standard scope of delivery. With an 18650 battery, which can endure 300-500 charging cycles depending on the model, you can expect approximately 1.5 to 2 times longer runtime compared to a CR123 battery.

Compatible 18650 batteries are Surefire SF18650B, NiteCore Li-Ion-Battery 18650 (3500mAh, 3.7V), Panasonic NCR18650B PCB.


Undoubtedly, a product bearing the Vector name is expected to embody rugged durability, reliable mechanics, superior range performance, and exceptional optical quality. However, what truly distinguishes the VECTOR X from other rangefinding binoculars on the commercial market is its unrivaled level of usability.

Intuitive D-Pad control in combination with the revolutionary Active Matrix OLED display result in a user interface that you can navigate effortlessly. Regardless of your experience level, you will be able to utilize the full functionality of your VECTOR X instantly, without ever having to consult the user manual (which exists anyhow of course).

If you have ever used an electronic device equipped with a D-Pad, you will immediately know how to operate your VECTOR X. Instead of having to learn button combinations as with many other rangefinding binoculars on the market, the five button D-Pad of the VECTOR X lets you navigate its menus intuitively and effortlessly.

The groundbreaking Active Matrix OLED display plays a vital role in giving the VECTOR X an unrivaled level of usability. Not only does it exhibit an impressive visual quality, but it also transforms the user interaction of the VECTOR X. Navigating menus, changing units, or checking your activated gun profile becomes intuitive and effortless. When performing a measurement, all target and ballistic information is presented clearly on the three HUD screens of the VECTOR X. Easily toggle between these screens by pressing the right and left directional buttons on the D-Pad. 


Often it is time that makes the difference if you succeed in hitting a challenging target or not. While on a hunt, it might be losing precious seconds due to having to operate two separate devices to get a firing solution. At a shooting competition, not knowing how much time is left to complete a stage might lead to missing the final shot. Therefore, your VECTOR X has four pre-programmed shortcuts.

By a long press of the directional buttons of your VECTOR X you can instantly activate important features that might help you succeed in making your next time critical shot. The pre-programmed shortcuts let you select the laser mode, set a timer or stop watch, activate or de-activate Bluetooth or populate a target card.


In addition to its formidable optics and powerful rangefinder, the VECTOR X is equipped with Applied Ballistics Elite on-board as standard. With over 800 bullets in its library and no limitations regarding target distance, Applied Ballistics Elite has quickly become the ballistics solver of choice for many elite military units worldwide. With a press of the range button, your VECTOR X displays a precise firing solution (either in MRAD or MOA) for your rifle setup that factors in the environmental conditions measured by its sensor suite or transmitted by a compatible weather meter.

Thanks to the revolutionary Active Matrix OLED display of the VECTOR X, the elevation value and two windage values calculated by Applied Ballistics Elite fit on a single screen, significantly reducing the time required to adjust your riflescope and make the shot.

With the target card function of the VECTOR X Applied Ballistics Elite calculates firing solutions for multiple targets. By pushing the right directional button of the D-Pad you enter a shortcut that allows you to populate a target card that is stored within your VECTOR X and that can even be exported as a printable PDF-file from the VECTRONIX SHOOTING SOLUTIONS app.


As wind speeds sometimes change instantly, we have integrated a shortcut that allows you to quickly adjust for increasing or decreasing winds. Simply use the up and down buttons of the D-Pad when in HUD screen 2 to change the speeds of Wind 1 and Wind 2. Applied Ballistics Elite uses the new values to immediately calculate new firing solutions.

You can generate and adjust gun profiles using the VECTRONIX SHOOTING SOLUTIONS app and you can store up to 30 profiles on your VECTOR X itself. Toggle to the third HUD screen to verify swiftly the currently activated gun profile.

VIDEOS Courtesy of AREA 419