If you want to save 3% on ALL eligible orders (certain brands excluded), then choose Interac E-Transfer (EMT) Payment at checkout and in the "DISCOUNT CODE" box, enter EMT3. 

Please do NOT use the code EMT3 at checkout when paying by credit card, as we will have to contact you to send us that 3% discount in an EMT.  We pay 3% credit card fees to the card processor, and when paying by EMT, we would gladly give YOU that 3% in a discount, as we don't have to pay the card processor on EMT payments received.


No security question or answer is needed, as we have "auto deposit" enabled.

HOW TO: Interac E-Transfer (Electronic Money Transfer - EMT) Payments

We accept EMT payments on all orders. If you are not yet set up to do this on your bank's online (internet) banking application, click on the link below for instructions and information, or contact your bank for instructions:

EMT Payment is a very safe and simple procedure, and it's normally free or just $1. And this way, you do NOT have to divulge any of your credit card details.

Follow these directions:

  • Purchase your products on our website, then proceed to check out.
  • Whilst checking out, when you get to payment options, select “EMT Payment”.
  • You would then need to log in to your bank's web-based online banking and send us the EMT (Interac) payment.
  • EMT payments sent to Shooting Warehouse are made to:
  • Once we confirm the payment, we will get your items shipped and send you the Canada Post Expedited tracking number.
  • If you are unsure of the process of ordering and paying with EMT, you can also email us or call us with your order, and we will gladly manually process the order for you and send you an invoice with payment details thereon.

If you have further questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact us.