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Swarovski STR-80 (with RETICLE) Spotting Scope BODY AND EYEPIECES

Swarovski STR-80 (with RETICLE) Spotting Scope BODY AND EYEPIECES

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We have these units in MIL with either 20-60x or 25-50x (wide) eyepieces IN STOCK - ready to ship!! MOA-version can be ordered with about a 3-day timeframe to reach us.


Spotting scopes allow you to make out details over long distances. This is a crucial benefit during target practice, for instance. Using the high magnification of the STR-80 spotting scope with switch on, switch off RETICLE, you can confidently identify where you need to adjust the impact point and make the appropriate adjustment on the rifle scope. Eyepieces offered are 20-60x or 25-50x W and reticles are either MOA or MRAD.

STR-80 Reticle Spotting Scope

Thanks to its crystal-clear HD optics and 80-mm objective diameter, the STR 80 spotting scope provides impressive detail recognition, as well as bright, lifelike images, even in poor lighting conditions. The STR 80 spotting scope’s reticle, which can be activated and deactivated, allows you to comfortably switch between accurately estimating distances and uninterrupted viewing. It is also perfect for documenting events while digiscoping. The powerful HD optics with fluoride-containing lenses and the reticle with either MOA or MRAD impact point correction make the perfect total package for accurate observation.

Included: Spotting scope Objective Lens cap