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Swarovski PBR (Personalized Ballistic Ring) for Z8i Riflescopes

Swarovski PBR (Personalized Ballistic Ring) for Z8i Riflescopes

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Swarovski PBR personalized ballistic ring for Z8i Riflescopes - SKU: 50023

The personalized ballistic ring serves to make the distance information permanent and easy to read. For this purpose a ring is engraved according to your specifications and the ballistic properties of your weapon/ammunition and mounted on the ballistic turret instead of the universal ring.

To configure your personal ballistic ring, please visit the Swarovski website below:

Order process in detail:

  • On the above website you can design the PBR according to your personal specifications and wishes.
  • You place a binding order for the tailor-made ballistics tower via this system and receive a reference number.
  • Then order your ballistic cap from us as an official Swarovski premium dealer and quote this reference number (as a note at the end of the ordering process before confirming your purchase AND enter the created pdf document as a separate email to
  • This order is legally binding, as it concerns custom-made goods.
  • A few days later we will receive your ballistic cap from Swarovski and forward it to you immediately.
  • (Total delivery time approx. 2-3 weeks plus the shipping time to you).


  • Suitable for all Z8i models
  • Suitable for elevation or windage turrets