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Description - T3240CS with SM-86 Clamp Included

  • T3240CS tripod kit is a Tripod with Ballhead COMBO - specially designed for hunting and shooting.
  • Utilizing the SUNWAYFOTO tripod tube structure which is resistant to water and sand, ensures this tripod kit is suitable to work under severe conditions outdoors.
  • Non-detachable Ballhead design provides lower center of gravity and better stability.
  • Duo-lever Clamp SDC-50 is compatible with both ARCS QR plates and NATO/PICATINNY adapters.
  • Duo-lever Clamp SDC-50 adopts both screw-knob and lever-release lock to ensure swift locking as well as fine tuning for better compatibility.
  • Ball diameter of 38mm, with 35 degrees tilting angle. This prevents the tripod from side tumbling due to over loaded equipment.
Key Features

  • Load Capacity: 55 Pounds
  • Tube diameters of 32/28/25/22mm
  • Sealed Silicone-Wrapped Twist Locks
  • Embedded Ball Head for Stability
  • 360° Rotation, 35° Tilt
  • 4.7 to 56.7" Height Range
  • Set Legs at 23, 55, and 85°
  • Rubber Feet & Stainless Steel Spikes
  • Fits M-LOK QR Plates & Arca Adapters
  • Vented Legs for Smooth Operation
  • 3/8 & 1/4" Sockets for Additional Gear



The T3240CS 4-Section Carbon Fiber Shooting Tripod from Sunwayfoto is designed to provide the functionality demanded by serious hunters and shooters. The tripod will support up to 55 pounds of gear, with 360° rotation and 35° tilt ranges. Its locking ball head is embedded for a low center of gravity that enhances stability.

The twist locks on the tripod's four-section legs are silicone-wrapped for comfortable grip and sealed against the elements. Specially designed tube shims with threaded connectors maximize leg rigidity while preventing loosening, and the legs are vented for smooth extending and retracting. The legs can be set at 23°, 55°, or 85°. Mounting holes for 3/8" and 1/4" screws are provided for attaching accessory gear. The tripod is compatible with M-LOK QR plates, Picatinny Arca adapters, and support mounts, and comes with both rubber feet and stainless steel spikes for solid traction in any terrain.


  • Water, Dust & Sand Resistant: Silicone-wrapped, sealed twist locks effectively prevent water, sand, or dust from entering locks and tubes, extending the tripod's longevity
  • Embedded Ball Head: Set in the apex of the tripod, the embedded ball head lowers the center of gravity for stability
  • Rotation and Tilt: 360° rotation and 35° tilt ranges for smooth, quick aiming
  • Excellent Stability: Specially designed friction tube shims and threaded connectors between sections ensure rigidity, prevent loosening
  • Vent Holes in Legs: Vents ensure efficient inflow and exhaust for smooth leg extension and retraction
  • Mount Compatibility: Compatible with M-LOK QR plates, Picatinny Arca adapters, and support mounts
  • Leg Angles: Angle stops at 23, 55, and 85°
  • Reserved Mounting Holes: 3/8" and 1/4" threaded sockets for accessory gear
  • Rubber Feet & Stainless Steel Spikes: Ensure firm traction on multiple surfaces and uneven terrain
  • Dimensions: The tripod folds down to 21.7" for transport and can be set between 4.7 and 56.7" when deployed.