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RUSAN-MIKRON PIVOT Scope Mount - 26mm (1 Inch) Diameter

RUSAN-MIKRON PIVOT Scope Mount - 26mm (1 Inch) Diameter

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Rusan PIVOT Mounts

Rusan Pivot Mounts for scopes with 26mm (1 INCH) main tubes are available for several brands of firearms - PLEASE CONTACT ME to specify which brand of rifle you own, so I can order the correct mount for you.

Please Note: Delivery time is normally around 2-3 weeks from order date!!  

The Pivot Mounts are available for the following Rifles:
Antonio Zoli - 1900
Benelli Argo
Bergara B14
Browning A-Bolt 3
Browning A-Bolt I/II, Eurobolt
Browning BAR I/II, CBL, Acera, Maral, Fabarm Iris, Winchester SXR
Browning European
Browning X-Bolt
CZ550 (radius)
CZ550 Skandinavia
Franchi Horizon
Haenel Jaeger 10
Heckler & Koch SLB 2000
Heym SR30, SR21 (new version)
Howa 1500
Krico 700, 900
Mauser K98, M48 (WITH BULB)
Mauser M12 (up to serial number 30000)
Mauser M96
Merkel SR1
Mossberg Patriot
Remington 700, 78, Mauser M18
Remington 740, 742, 760
Remington 7400, 7600, 750 Woodmaster
Remington 770
Remington 783
Rössler Titan 16
Rössler Titan 6, Titan 3
Ruger American Rifle
Sabatti Rover (Bolt action rifle)
Sauer 100/101 (DIFF=2.5)
Sauer 100/101 (DIFF=3)
Sauer 200
Sauer 202
Sauer 303
Sauer 80, 90, 92
Steyr Mannlicher (old model)
Steyr SBS, Classic, CLII, SM12, Sako A7
Verney Carron Impact Auto (DIFF=1.6)
Verney Carron Impact Auto (DIFF=0)
Weatherby Mark V, Europa, 300, Vanguard
Winchester M70 Standard, 770, Target (XTR)
Winchester 88, 100
Winchester XPR
Zastava M70 / Mauser 98 and 48 (WITHOUT BULB)
Zastava Mini Mauser (M85)