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Leica Amplus 6 Riflescopes

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The following models will only be available in MAY 2021:

AMPLUS 6: 3-18x44i L-Ballistic MOA BDC

AMPLUS 6: 2.5-15x50i L-Ballistic MIL BDC

AMPLUS 6: 2.5-15x56i L-Ballistic MIL BDC

Leica designed the 2.5-15x50 Amplus 6i Riflescope with a powerful 6:1 zoom mechanism, outstanding optics, and a highly effective reticle and precision turret system to produce a scope that will be ideal for a wide variety of hunting applications and distances.

Complementing the zoom range are specialized lens coatings that shed water, oils, dirt, and debris without leaving residues and a simple and uncluttered, yet highly effective, reticle that is enhanced with an illuminated aiming dot. Low-profile capped turrets provide precise 0.1 MRAD per click impact point correction with 15 MRAD windage and elevation adjustment ranges that allow you to place your shots exactly where you want them, even at distance.

To withstand the repeated recoil of regular use, the one-piece maintube is made of lightweight but strong aluminum with a robust 30mm diameter. At under 15-inches long and weighing less than 25 ounces, the overall form factor of the scope won't add excessive weight or bulk to your rifle, so you can move quickly and maneuver it with ease. The housing is nitrogen filled to be waterproof and resistant to internal fogging in extreme conditions and temperatures.


Optical Performance

  • Wide 6:1 zoom range low to high magnifications and a large objective produce a versatile optic for medium to long-range hunting and shooting
  • Wide 2.5-15x zoom magnification is ideally suited for mid ranges on lower power with the ability for accurate long-range shooting and hunting
  • 50mm objective provides the light gathering required for use in challenging conditions and ensures views remain bright when observing and aiming at distant targets on high magnifications
  • Hydrophobic AquaDura lens coatings cause water to bead and oil to be removed without residue for clearer vision
  • 42.5-foot field of view at 100 yards on 2.5x power, 8.4-foot on 15x

L-4a Reticle Details

  • Second focal plane placement: Reticle size remains constant throughout the zoom range, covering less of the target at low power and more at high power to improve shot placement precision; reticle subtensions are accurate only at 10x
  • Simple and uncluttered design leaves most of the field of view clear
  • Bright red aiming dot draws the eye to the center for fast target acquisition and tracking
  • Long thicker posts on the horizontal and lower vertical axes are ideal for close-range use in conjunction with the center dot
  • Thin center hairs that extend up on the vertical axis won't obstruct targets on higher powers
  • 10 red illumination levels
  • Off positions between each intensity level allow the user to quickly return to their preferred setting
  • Runs on one included CR2032 battery

Use and Handling

  • Easy-focus eyepiece with +3/-2 dioptric correction enables users to achieve tack-sharp views quickly
  • Low-profile capped turrets prevent dirt and debris from fouling the adjustment mechanism
  • Precise 0.1 MRAD per click impact point correction
  • 15 MRAD windage and 23 MRAD (80 MOA) elevation adjustment ranges
  • Space-saving combination illumination and parallax adjustment turret
  • Adjustable parallax from 22 yards (20m) to infinity
  • M58x0.6mm objective lens threads allow the use of filters such as polarizing and neutral density to improve the view and contrast when using in the snow or on/near water
  • Generous eye relief at all magnifications provides a generous eye box to enhance comfort while looking through the eyepiece
  • Comfortable exit pupil at all magnifications for easy use in low or challenging light

Construction Details

  • Sturdy 30mm maintube provides the strength to hold up to repeated recoil and provides the room for the wide windage and elevation adjustment
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum housing
  • Scratch-resistant and reflection-limiting matte black anodized finish
  • Nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed to be waterproof to 13 feet and resistant to internal fogging when moving through extreme environments
  • Length of under 15 inches
  • 25-ounce weight