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Kahles K525i 5-25x56 illuminated

Kahles K525i 5-25x56 illuminated

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NEW LOWER COST FOR 2024!!! Prices of ALL K525i models reduced by $440 - until further notice.

The K525i DLR version (Dynamic Long Range) now comes with "Easyread Turrets" with larger engraved numbers and only 10 MILS per revolution, so you're able to read the numbers easier. NEW SKMR reticle option for DLR version with effect from January 2022!!

DLR INCLUDES mag throw lever and parallax spinner wheel as in pictures, and has an 8% wider field of view compared to the "normal" K525i. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!!!

The big brother of ultrashort K318i is the new flagship of KAHLES in the field of tactical riflescopes. It combines in an inimitable way maximum optical performance and highest precision with unique handling and ergonomics.

The K525i combines maximum optical performance and precision with unique handling and ergonomics. The new DLR SKMR4 and SKMR reticle variants are optimized for the fast action nature of Dynamic Long Range competitions. It features extended field of view, easy to read clicks and now INCLUDES an extra long throw lever and parallax spinner.

The rugged K525i with its practical magnification range has been developed for tactical use and long distances. It is intended to help ambitious shooters to achieve records. The clearly defined, precise clicks, together with the exceptional repeat accuracy, provide highest precision and reliability.

Due to the unique KAHLES arrangement, all operating elements can easily and comfortably be operated with the intuitively preferred hand, without having to reach over the scope and without having to move out of the shooting position. The patented central arrangement on top of the riflescope makes right- and left-handed operation equally comfortable. Ergonomically the windage is ideally placed on the left side for right-handed shooters and on the right side for left-hand shooters.

The essential information on the turrets is clearly readable from the aiming position. The large adjustment range provides enough reserve for each situation. Consequently, at competitions, the shooter can fully concentrate on the essential.

The K525i is available with 5 precise illuminated reticles in first focal plane - SKMR4, SKMR, MOAK, MSR2 and AMR.

The innovative, patented TWIST GUARD windage with it´s freely rotating end cover, reliably prevents an accidental movement of the windage. This simple solution does not only protect the windage from accidental movement, it also allows the shooter a fast and unhindered handling of the windage without cumbersome need of “locking” and “unlocking”.

The allen key for zeroing the turrets, numbers to those little, practical details. It is housed in the cap of the illumination unit and therefore always available. Hence the illumination unit can easily be opened without any tool.


  • Maximum optical performance- field of view, high contrast image, high definition
  • Absolutely reliable repeat accuracy and precise, clearly defined click mechanism
  • Optional left or right side windage
  • Parallax wheel integrated into the elevation turret (patented) 20 m – ∞ (22 yds to ∞)
  • Innovative TWIST GUARD windage (patented)
  • Precise illuminated reticle in 1st focal plane
  • Magnification: 5-25 (5X Zoom); Objective: 56 mm
  • Main Tube Diameter: 34 mm
  • Available Reticles: SKMR4, SKMR, MSR2, MOAK, AMR
  • All models available with left or right windage turrets
  • SONA will stock CCW (Counter Clock Wise) up/right turning turrets
  • The innovative TWIST GUARD windage with its freely rotating end cover, preventing accidental movement of the windage.
  • This simple solution not only protects the windage from accidental movement, it also allows the shooter fast handling of the windage without the need for cumbersome “locking” and “unlocking”.