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AZIAK EQUIPMENT - Sig Sauer Kilo Tripod Mount

AZIAK EQUIPMENT - Sig Sauer Kilo Tripod Mount

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**Fits limited models of the Sig Sauer Kilo - Please check your model below**

When you are taking long range measurements with your range finder, stability is key. With modern rangefinders being able to attain distances in excess of a mile, hand holding your rangefinder doesn’t give accurate results. Mounting your rangefinder to a tripod is an excellent solution to ensure you get an accurate range and can dial in your ballistic calculations properly.

The Sig Sauer Kilo Mount is a low profile and secure way to attach your rangefinder to a tripod. It features a built in Arca Swiss Dovetail as well as a 1/4-20 threaded socket if you need to attach another variety of quick release plate. The Kilo Mount is a tight slip fit design and is secured in place by the resistance of the rubber body armor on the Sig Sauer Kilo.

  • Compatible Models

    • KILO 2200MR
    • KILO 2200BDX
    • KILO 2400ABS
    • KILO 2400BDX
    • KILO 3K/4K/5K
    • KILO 8K ABS
  • Specifications

    Material: Nylon

    Fastener Material: Stainless Steel

    Weight: 0.4 oz

    Mounting: Arca Swiss Dovetail